Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 25 Emerald to Clermont 110 kms

The days are starting to blend into each other although this morning we woke to quite a bit of rain. Some of us stayed in our beds/tents hoping it would stop soon but the call of nature eventually dragged us all out into the rain. It was pretty heavy & steady for the first hour or so but petered out to nothing by 8.30 am. BUT the damage had been done. We all had wet tents although Collis & I were feeling quite smug that our bedding was nice and dry and our awning would dry off as we drove along today. Not so! As we were packing the car, I undid one of the corners at the back to get ready to roll our mattress when the weight of the water on top of the canvas caused a waterfall right into the middle of my mattress and wool doona. I was shattered but could just stand there with my mouth open, not believing my eyes. My lovely bed was saturated.
That was just the start of the day.  We went in search for some block ice even though we were behind the 8 ball from our small disaster. Couldn't find the block ice but nearly got bogged in the meantime. Made it to morning tea just in time as the riders were arriving at the designated town.  Jan had donated some lovely anzac and chocolate chip cookies for morning tea which were appreciated by everyone.
Some tough areas riding today due to some unexpected roadworks along the way. As the day dried out so did the dirt on the road works and created a fair bit of dust especially when the trucks drove past. Everyone was into camp before 1.30 pm.
Due to our wet abode we decided to take a cabin without an ensuite ($80.00) and I started cooking straight away as I am providing the next 2 days meals. Tomorrow night we are at Belyando Crossing and I am providing a BBQ and then the next night is a bush camp and I have promised Robbo I will do corned silverside with veggies. So trying to cook the silverside tonight and have it cold with hot veggies at the bush camp (thought the meat will keep better then). Also stewing up some apples and pineapple for dessert tomorrow night to have with cream. And of course there is always the morning teas. As I was washing up I turned on the tap in the cabin and then couldn't shut it off, so we had water gushing down the sink. This couldn't be fixed straight away so we have been moved to a cabin with an ensuite but NO cooking facilities. Bugger!! I did wish for an ensuite on a shooting star last night so it does work sometimes.
Most of us went out for dinner at the local hotel and had the buffet special which was coconut chicken or spaghetti. I had the salt & pepper squid which was really nice. Fliss, Ben & Robbo all had these humungous steaks which were the best ever tasted and every bit eaten. Back to our quaint little cabin with a real soft bed tonight.

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