Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 15 Thallon to Nindigully Pub 33 kms

We were all supposed to get a late start today but I, for one, was a bit gee-ed up about my first FULL day of riding today. The group is very supportive with lots of encouragement and a few wise cracks from Jerry. Good day for riding with some cloud, which kept the temperature down, and no wind to speak of (at the beginning anyway). Daniel was the first to get out today followed closely by myself. We both wanted to get a head start before the professionals caught up and passed us.
I was pleased that I managed to get about 10 kms down the road before Lew & Chris passed me (as if I was standing still). I did manage to stay just behind them for a few k's but then Ben & Fliss caught me followed by Jan & Annie, then Theo then Jerry and finally John. We rode as a pelleton for the rest of the way and everyone hung back so I could ride in first. Thanks guys- I feel so priveledged. Woody, Peter, Alf and Robbo came in a little while later.

We arrived at Nindigully at 9.45 am and we weren't able to even get a beer. Lazy day setting up camp, chatting with the locals and generally not doing much at all.

A few decided the prices at the pub for dinner was more than they were prepared to spend and therefore cooked at camp. The rest of us went for it and Robbo, Danny, Fliss, Ben, Collis & myself chose the big hamburger between us (which only cost us $10 each). John chanced the 1 inch thick T bone steak (I haven't heard what he thought of it) but we all had a fun night.
Quotes for the day:

"Make sure you don't get anything up because we have a rest day tomorrow."

"You must have rubbed up against Woody."

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  1. That is the Biggest Burger i have ever seen.

    It sounds like you are having some great rides.

    Enjoy yourself.

    Chris OM.